Bowl&Bone US and Canada

I discovered the Bowl&Bone Republic brand when my mini schnauzer, PACO, was ready to transition out of his crate. I wanted to buy him a comfortable bed of great quality and design at an affordable price. As I started my search, I quickly realized that I had two options: cheap, no design, and no magic, poor quality, or designer products that were unaffordable and, most of the time, a bit over the top for my needs.

Then I discovered the LOFT bed from Bowl&Bone Republic, which at that time was only available in Europe. I "fell in love" with the brand, connected with Dawid, its founder and owner since 2015, with whom I shared the same business vision and passion for dogs. We developed a great business relationship and decided to partner to exclusively bring his unique products to the US and Canada This is just the beginning of our collaboration journey. I am excited about introducing his established and new products with "European flair" to dog lovers in North America.

Urszula Sawicka
CEO Dogbys Inc.
Telephone +1.613.212.5992

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